My tribute to Tom Anderson Guitars

The first single from my up coming solo album is out!

It’s a piece I wrote to celebrate my first Custom made guitar by Tom Anderson Guitarworks.  “Jack’s Pacific Blue” is the name of the color of the guitar.

The single is available on ALL digital platforms known to man.

Itunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon,Google Play/YouTube, e.t.c

I’d like to thank  the people who helped me.

Josef Aarskov

My close friend and one of the best friggin drummers on the planet Earth!

Lars Rahbek Andresen

Awesome studio and super cool personal

Nicklas Sonne

The FANTASTIC mix and mastering is done by

Nicklas has an AWESOME band – check them out

Here are the links to all the equipment I used:

The AWESOME guitar I play is drop top classic made by the amazing
Tom Anderson. Best damn guitar in the world!

The smokin’ Overdrive/distortion tone you hear on the track is the BE-OD from
Dave Friedman. Best sounding cranked Marshall on steroids in a box!

On ALL my clear tones I’m using the EGO compressor, and many of the lead tones are from the TUMNUS and PLEXI DRIVE overdrive pedals. Brian Wampler is pedal genius!

ALL delays, modulation and harmonizer FX comes from the GREAT H9 MAX
Best sounding multi FX on the planet!

The Amazing reverb you hear on all the guitar tones, are from the EXPANSE pedal Created by Brian Neunaber. My favorite reverb, it’s ON most of the time !

I recorded my tube amps running through the REACTIVE LOAD into my DAW
Works perfectly!

Using outstanding sounding Impulse responses from

Always reliable AC30 is my main amp for clean and low gain drives.

My go to Hi gain amp. ROCK’N’ROLL Baby!

My buffer on my pedal board is from

RME is my choice of soundcard. Sounds awesome and NEVER fails!

The sweet, sweet drum sounds on this track, are provided by

ALL keyboard sounds played using