My new single “That Doesn’t Mean I Love You” is out now

Today my new single “That Doesn’t Mean I Love You” is out!
Thanks to my co-writer Dave Undis and to Nicklas Sonne for AWESOME singing, mixing and mastering.
A big shout out to these fine musicians: Tim Grogan – Drums, Rod Lewis – Bass, Smith Curry – Lap Steel, Mike Waldron – Acoustic Guitars. Recorded at THE 515, Nashville, Tennessee, Mikes Minor Manor & Sonne Studios Copenhagen, Denmark

My pulse won’t stop racing.
My hands won’t stop shaking.
I’ve lost all concentration
I can’t stop thinking about you.
I got no appetite. Keep waking up at night.
My skin doesn’t feel quite right.
I feel all giddy too
That doesn’t mean I love you.
Don’t be fooled by the stars in my eyes
Or the silly things I do.
I haven’t had a dream without you in it
Since the night that I met you.
But that doesn’t mean I love you.

Your eyes are so gentle.
Your touch makes me tremble.
Your smile is something special
You make me feel special too
Your curves drive me crazy
You’re so funny it slays me So wise you amaze me
You’re delightful through and through

I’m too smart to fall in love, I’m gonna be all right.
All I gotta do is stop thinking about the last night.